STC answers your Frequently Asked Questions about the AFIX-IIS Integration Project:

SMaRT AFIX is designed to be system agnostic. IWeb, ImMTrax, Avanza and four other independent IIS are represented within the current awardee participants. STC will be publishing an API for our Independent Partners and working with the IT staff at each site to assist in the implementation of SMaRT AFIX.

SMaRT AFIX is required to be strictly CDSi compliant and STC’s standalone forecaster (Immucast) is being updated to be compatible with CDSi guidance.

CDSi forecasting is not required for Programs using the STC forecaster alone or within their IIS.

Programs using SMaRT AFIX will not be required to use the STC forecaster in their IIS.

Providers/facility level will have access to only the data at their facility. An organizational user will have the ability to view the data for any facility associated with the organization. Providers at the facility or organization level will not have access to the Master Rate Comparison or be able to export to the AFIX Online Tool. 

At this time, the data is planned to be batched in nightly.

Any inquiries regarding interest in participating in this project should be emailed to the afixiis@cdc.gov mailbox.

Please remember to copy your Project Officer on those emails.

All the reports/graphs will be executed in near real-time. The reports and data are designed for a short execution time. The report output is very small enough that scheduling them will likely not be necessary.

Patient Information

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender/Sex
  • PAIS Indicator
  • Phone Number 1
  • Phone Number 2
  • Ethinicity
  • VFC Eligibility

Provider Information

  • Provider Name
  • IIS ID
  • Provider Address
  • Provider City
  • Provider State
  • Provider Parish/County
  • Provider Zip

Vaccination  Information

  • Date of Vaccination
  • Vaccination Type
  • History of Disease/Titer
  • Contraindication/Precaution

User Information

  • User ID
  • Associated Facility/Organization

SMaRT AFIX is designed to be installed in the same environment as the IIS.

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